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Sea Shepherd
Get information, check availability and buy tickets online: 1888 235 6450
                      or 415 448 7570

SFWT, Pledge 

 San Francisco Whale Tours.  We have decide for 2014 to pledge again in support of direct efforts to stop whaling. 

In 2014, San Francisco Whale Tours has decide to donate to . They are truly fighting the War to End Whaling. We will pledge 25 cents, per full price ticket purchase.

I hope you buy your whale watching tickets from  San Francisco Whale Tours.  Before you ride with someone else ask the seller if you will be aboard the boat, Kitty Kat. This is to insure you have the trip of a lifetime. It has never been so exciting to be a whale tour operator. I hope you join me this year on one of my trips.  Thank you!

Thanks, SFWT
Please email your ideas to   

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Every year in defiance of international laws and regulations the Japanese whaling fleet illegally slaughters approximately 1000 whales in the Antarctic whale sanctuary. In addition to sperm whales they target the endangered humpback and fin whales. Sea Shephard  Conservation Society is the only orgaization in the world with the will to directly intervene in order to enforce international conservation laws and regulations already on the books.

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