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Our Customers Photos Taken Aboard the Kitty Kat

Public Whale Tours

Advance purchase required. Tours usually sell out!

    Or call 1 888 235 6450
                 415 448 7560

Hello, San Francisco Whale Tour Passengers, send in the best photo of your trip and will place it on our web site. Please send in all whale photos so they can be sent to Cascadia Research a small nonprofit . With each Tail shot goes a story.  Thanks for the Photos, Sfwt  

Photo Instructions
  • Please write vessel Kitty Kat , San Francisco Whale Tours on your data sheet  
  • Write the time, example 1750
  • Indicate how many animals were present at the sighting. Use scientific initials BM blue whale MN  humpback.
  • Please write down general behavior of the whales  
  • fluke photos of the under side of the tail are useful for the Research

Please send Whale photos to John Calambokidis
Cascadia Research
218 W Fourth Ave
Olympia ,WA 98501

Some Tips on Photo Indentifcation photos of whales

April Laney Teacher Dalton GeorgiaHere are some pictures that I took of the Gray Whales that we saw.  This trip was a trip of a lifetime!  I will recommend your tour to anyone I know that will be visiting the San Francisco Area.  Your respect and love of the marine life that you observe and study is very admirable.  Thank you so much for such and great tour.  My friend Linda and I loved going on this whale watching tour.

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